I really messed up my senior year in college. I took four classes. They don’t reccomend more than three. UAB is on a quarter system. The courses are 9 weeks long. You have to keep up. Everything moves quickly. It had never happened to me before that all my finals were scheduled on the same day but I was working on a major disaster so this time, it made sense.

My impending disaster started the night before. We went to happy hour. We were just going to have one drink. You know what they say about the best laid plan of mice and men and this mouse was drunk.

I was standing outside the building, still tipsy, waiting to go in. I started crying and I’m not a crier but watching 4 years go down the drain because I was playing Scarlett at the B.B.Q was too much of a screw up even for me.

A really attractive Black lady came over and put her hand on my arm. “What’s wrong honey?” I told her the truth. Why add lying to my list of sins? She took both my hands and said, “Look at me. She looked blurry through my tears. Now her voice was very serious. She moved in closely. “I want you to repeat what I’m about to say. ” I nodded in the affirmative. Before you even put your name on the test I want you to say the following prayer. “I can do all things through Christ Jesus who strengthens me.” I was familiar with the scripture. I wouldn’t forget. She hugged me and just walked away.

It was time for me to face the first test. I did exactly what she’d told me to do. When I turned in that last test, I couldn’t wait to be get home and go to bed.

A week later the grades were posted. I’d made four (4) As. Was I having some kind of vision or maybe a stroke? It’s the only time I made The President’s List. I’d made the Dean’s list several times but this was special. It was a miracle. I’m not accusing Angel’s of cheating but I didn’t take those tests. I couldn’t even remember a single question on any of the tests. Usually I could remember 90%.

When you spend 4 years at the same University you don’t know everyone but you get used to seeing the same people and faces. I wanted to find that lady. She looked a lot like Clair Huxtable on The Cosby Show. Then it occurred to me that I’d never seen her before. I would remember her. I looked everywhere and asked a lot of people. She wasn’t there and no one remembered her.

It doesn’t matter to me what other people think. I believe I was the only person who saw her. I believe, no. I’m sure, I’d had an encounter with an angel. I thanked God for her and asked forgiveness for my reason for needing her.

That’s not the only time an angel has stood between me and diaster. I am Blessed.

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