Social Media

One problem we have with social media is it’s too easy to misunderstand something that’s said. Face to face communication has the advantage of body language, tone of voice etc. 

Texts exacerbate the problem. Abbreviations, no punctionation… it’s not what I consider the English language and it’s working it’s way into every day comunicating.

If I write something that’s not clear,  ask me what I meant as soon as possible. I want to avoid any bad feelings.  That doesn’t mean I’ll avoid speaking the truth as I see it. To ask anyone to do that is censorship and I hope we all feel equally opposed to that.  I may disagree with you but I’ll fight for your right to say what you believe. 

8 thoughts on “Social Media

    1. That is an amazingly generous thing to say. I have a problem jumping first and apologizing later. I’m very emotional. At my age, I could use some moderation. I get tired of being the fool. Guess you can tell I’m still mad at me.

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