Not Me

I’m angry so this piece will, no doubt,  reflect that in less than quality writing. 

The Me Too Movement has gone after the music industry.  I know that all art is subjective but some of these accusations border on lunacy. 

A 1940s musical entitled “Baby it’s Cold Outside. ” supposedly supports rape. The following is a list of music they claim have hidden meanings. John Lennon, Paul McCartney,  Bruce Springsteen,  Michael Jackson….. There’s no need to go on. The list is endless but impressive. The McCartney song they have a problem with is “Let it Be.”  What a stretch.  He has always said that a dream about his mother inspired that song. 

We should have known that once Hollywood got in the game this would turn stupid. 

Please believe me when I say I find any kind of sexual abuse abhorrent.  I came very close to being raped. I had to run through the dark mountain woods at the age of 15 to get away. I was scratched, bruised, cut and terrified.  I was also lucky.

As artists, what should musicians do? 1) Tell them what the song means. 2) sing the meaning – lyrics and 3) Tell them what they just meant?

Those actors claim they had no choice if they wanted the part. They qualified the meaning of the word, choice. They could have said, “No.”  They didn’t say NO and laughed all the way to the bank. My heart bleeds for them. I’m being sarcastic.  That’s just the way I feel. I still have a First Amendment Right last time I checked.

Speaking Truth

21 thoughts on “Not Me

  1. Well said! I completely agree with you, this is leading to something close to book burning and where does the me too and freedom of speech and expression draw the very thin line? Everything is offensive now a days, everything that seems to border on political correctness. I am a survivor of sexual assault, but you speak the truth when those that believe they were wronged, were paid or compensated with their celebrity and wealth. I’m sure I’ll get backlash for that, but let my last words here be, the me too movement does NOT speak for all, it does not speak for me.


  2. There’s soooooooooooo (not enough zeros to complete the list), that disgracefully suggest mistreatment of women. The offense of this classic song is just perversion of society.

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  3. I’m apart of the “Me too” moment, and I wouldn’t ever allow a song to have such significance that if complain till it was removed from radio.


    1. Google it. You’ll be amazed what’s on the list. A song from a 1940s musical called “Baby it’s Cold Outside.” I was almost raped at 15. I think I mentioned that. My support is for any woman sexually abused but that Hollywood bunch has already been caught lying. One of them is being counter sued.

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      1. I’m glad. I thought you disagreed and wanted me to change it. I apologize. As far as the “Me Too” Movement, I couldn’t care less what they think and I’m speaking primarily to the Hollywood crowd. I stand strongly with any woman or girl who’s been sexually abused.

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      2. That’s my big issue. Social media is not always a good place to talk to people. Misunderings like this one can happen. I feel like we are a lot alike. I’m sorry I jumped too quickly.

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      3. I love discussing things across the spectrum and absolutely don’t mind if someone doesn’t see something as I do.

        I think I’m one of those people that just enjoys learning what others think and feel.

        One person I follow seems to dislike me because I eat meat and we’ve exchanged some disagreeable comments, but I still think the person is valid even though I think it’s crazy to equate humans to pigs.

        I haven’t forgotten the Harper Lee conversation, just haven’t gotten back to it yet!


      4. I met Miss Nelle, as we called her, in the course of my previous career. Did a lot of research, sort of immersed myself in that field of study for several years.

        Capote was very talented but was a horrific drug abuser as the years went on and he basically lost all of his abilities.

        He also betrayed almost every single person in his life in very dastardly ways, including his lifelong friend Harper Lee.

        After she became famous and her book seemed to eclipse “In Cold Blood,” he told people that Nelle’s mother tried to murder her when she was two, by trying to drown Nelle in the bathtub.

        “In Cold Blood” and “To Kill a Mockingbird” are two vastly different books and each will hold a position in the pantheon of famous literature as long as time exists, but TKAM will outlive ICB in people’s hearts for all time.


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