I’m still having trouble sitting up this site. I want to apologize if I offended anyone by suggesting we critique each other’s work. You are still welcome to critique mine. 

I didn’t know until I was in college, eng 101, that I have a learning disability closely related to dyslexia. My professor said my spelling was so bad that I couldn’t even look up words in a dictionary but that in compensating I had become a very good writer.  Also, I’m too competitive academically.  I’d get in trouble for running around the class room to make sure my grade was the highest. He said I was being rude and he was tired of arguing with me over 1 point. He was right. 

I have a strange memory. I can quote almost verbatim a conversation that took place 25 years ago. A professor in, of all places, the literature department accused me of cheating because I’d quoted him exactly on an essay exam. One of my Psychology professors had to explain my situation to him, then I had to demonstrate as I stood there. All’s well that ends well.

That’s a short list of my quirks. There are more. Whatever is in my head will come out of my mouth eventually. I was born without a filter. I suppose my strangest behavior is this: where ever I am, no matter what I’m doing,  I ask myself the following question. If this were a movie, what would my character do next? Then I do it. Drama Queen. 

We’re all different. I call us artists in waiting and artsy people are unusual. I call that a good thing.

Once again, I would never hurt anyone’s feelings unless they deserved it. None of you have been anything other than nice to me – so far. Haha.

I love this

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