I’ve written a couple of things I thought were good (if edited) and several posts that were, in my opinion, garbage.  I don’t mind criticism.  I think we could all do with some constructive feedback.  Otherwise, how will we improve? It doesn’t have to be mean spirited.

I’m a very opinionated person. The subject of other posts is not my business. I’m referring to grammar, form, POV, sentence structure, tense and so on. I know I make mistakes.  I’d be interested in how the rest of you feel.

    13 thoughts on “Criticism

    1. Hi Harper,
      I taught English composition for a few years at a university. The best writers were those who spoke from the heart. I always suggested that students first simply write unencumbered by grammar rules and spelling. Voice your truth, your own perspective, then later go back and do small scale revisions, such as grammar check and spelling. Everyone has their own way of expressing themselves. Be creative and be uniquely yourself; don’t worry too much about “proper” English grammar. The truth is that each region has its own uniquely valid communication style. The main thing is to enjoy the creative art of sharing your story with others. Just write what is on your heart. Define what you want to share, then share it.

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        1. Hi Harper,
          As a writer, I am continuously learning, as well. If ever you have a question, I can certainly help out. I’m not an expert, but I am happy to help as much as possible. In my blog, it has been my intention to discuss writing techniques, but I have gotten a bit sidetracked in the past few weeks.
          I try to get feedback on my writing from a writer’s group in town. Sometimes I agree with them, sometimes I don’t, but it does help to see how my message is being received. Things always sound better in my head! Sometimes, I step back and think “what was I thinking?” Then I go back to the drawing board with my erasers and markers and rewrite sentences and entire paragraphs. I am a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to my writing. Like you, I write everything down on paper. I keep it all in notebooks and journals. I worry about what my grandchildren will do in about forty years when 10,543 journals and notebooks fall out of the third bedroom’s closet! Of course, I am just exaggerating a little about the number (but by then it will probably be pretty close).


        2. I write so much I’m going to have to be careful not to pull out the wrong notebook and reblog a blog. I’m stuck on my memoirs. If I did my life it would make Thomas Wolfe look like a condensed readers digest version. I need to tell this story. Call it the only entry in my bucket list. My life has been bizarre. Incredibly high and devastatingly low. I’m waiting for divine intervention. Haha


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