Christmas has never been a holiday I anticipated or associated with warm home and hearth feelings.  While most of you illuminate your homes inside and out, I prepare “Churchill” style, as in going dark in preparation of a Nazi air blitz.  I turn out the lights, pull the drapes shut and pray the bombs will miss me.

This year my best friend’s daughter is in the middle of dismantling a 15 year marriage.  Divorces occur in phases.  This one has already divided up the property,  children and dogs.  After being told by a well meaning co-worker that there might be another woman involved the process slipped dangerously into the revenge stage.  Now anything could happen and I’ve been invited to dinner.  At some point during the day there will be a handoff of a minor child which could lead to a face to face, full body armoured S.W.A.T. ready confrontation. 

I’ve seen this kind of thing before.  It’s not pretty and collateral damage is always a possibility.  Pass the cranberry sauce.  That festive side dish that resembles coagulated blood.

I think I’ll pass. Merry Christmas and God Bless us one and all.

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