A Question

I’m notorious for Not reading directions.  I’ve never put anything together without having pieces left over. You’d be amazed at what still stands. The same goes for fine print.

Nevermide that. I got an email from Google+ telling me that my 4000 word story had been taken down because it was considered spam. I had to look up what spam meant. Apparently they considered it a trick to make money but not before some people had shared it.

This is going to sound crazy but that hurt my feelings and I’m still not sure what it meant. If any of you know, please tell me. Also, not knowing where it went makes me feel like my dog is lost. Thomas Wolfe said that everything we write is an autobiography. Part of my life is floating around New York City. I don’t know why but I feel violated and accused of something bad.

I just checked and one of the people who shared that story blogs for “Newsoftheworld”. My life or part of it is not just lost in New York City, it’s lost in the World.


I’d appreciate any feedback.

7 thoughts on “A Question

  1. Hi Harper,
    You’re not alone. I have no idea what most of the internet means! It confuses me most of the time. It is a miracle I have been doing this Word press. Have you tried to find out who the blogger is for “News of the world”? I have never heard of that site, but if they published your article I would think they would have to financially compensate you. I asked my son about Google and he said it has some odd rules. I will google “News of the world.” I am curious, as well.


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