Don’t kill the Messenger

When “Primary Colors” came out written by Anonymous it became a literary guessing game. Writing styles can change over time but an author’s style still has a distinctive signature.   More than a dozen people guessed the author of “Colors” by writing style.

When I was in college a couple of my professors said that everything I wrote sounded like a campaign speech.  I digress.

Who really wrote “To Kill a Mockingbird?” I anticipate catching hell over that question. If you read Capote’s early work about his Grandmother it has that Mockingbird flavor. Lee admitted to helping Capote write “In Cold Blood.” “Watchman” is so different than “Mockingbird ” it just doesn’t ring true.

Capote and Lee were best friends. Would it be too much of a stretch to think Capote read Lee’s Watchman manuscript and rewrote it into the book we’ve all come to love? Just asking. Stranger things have happened.  Capote and Lee’s Lovechild.


4 thoughts on “Don’t kill the Messenger

  1. Capote is the one who hid Nelle’s influence on “In Cold Blood,” not Nelle.

    If Truman Capote had anything at all to do with TKAM, you can best believe he would have taken credit.

    Sadly, his addictions destroyed not only the man and his talent, it also destroyed his friendship with Nelle Harper Lee.


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