Make My Day

Living on top of a mountain overlooking the ski lodge was beautiful but there were a few sacrifices you had to make. You didn’t just run out for a snack. TV reception was about as snowy as the back slope in the winter.  However, Larry had some sort of pay for view at his office. We gathered up blankets, pillows and popcorn and went to the movies. That night we watched a Clint Eastwood Western. I said I didn’t think he was very cute. A little short on dialog except for the “Make my day” line, still used today. When the Movie was over. We got all our things, put the office back in order and started home. “Larry, I’ve changed my mind. Clint is kind of sexy but I think it’s that big gun he carries around.” 

I went to bed while Larry was still in the bathroom.  He said, “Are you ready for me?”  “Bring it on,” I said. The bedroom was dark so when he opened the bathroom, he was framed in light. He had on a sholder holster with a 357 Magnum and nothing else. I almost peed my pants laughing. I’m hoping that was meant to be a joke because that other moment had passed.

He was my best and favorite playmate.

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