WordPress gives me hope. Hope that there are still people out there who will read something more than 3 minutes long and without pictures or emojis. I have a literal hate on with texting. I especially dislike the stupid abbreviations, no punctionation. You all know what I mean. This is a breath of fresh air in a world gone stupid. Or should I have said in RL? 

Thank you for your positive comments.  I fear I am becoming obsessed. 

7 thoughts on “Hope

  1. Hi Harper,
    You are right on! I have taught high school students who use “u” for you, “r” for are, and have no concept of capitalization. I hate the way it has become in common use for newspapers, magazines, etc. not to capitalize proper nouns. Even when I text I spell the words out. I can’t help it. I am set in my ways when it comes to grammar thanks to my 9th grade English teacher a few decades ago.
    I think there is hope, though. There is always hope.


    1. I hate texting. Like when someone texts me and says, “Tell me about yourself. ” oh right. Like that will work. I do have to leave for awhile. If I take the phone I turn it off.


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