Lost at Sea

I don’t know what to call this. Is it a poem, prose, a confession, the day I was born? 

Him, ” I promised not to touch you.”

Me, “You will touch me.

We lay naked, not just without clothes; without fear or inhibition. The cool dark room was silent except for the sound of a clock’s secondhand. The bed was simple with white sheets. In such a large space it made me think of a life raft in dark water.

His hands were as gentle as they were elegant. My ego, my defenses were slipping away. I would allow him to caption this ship. I felt myself floating, going under and coming back to the surface. The waves carried me. I couldn’t swim.

Softly, slowly, almost teasing, he kissed my face, my neck, my lips, the palms of my hands. No Communion wafer? He sat up and pulled me to him. I wrapped my legs around his body. He rocked us, my face buried in his neck. I lightly ran my nails down his back. My heart was pounding, his breathing labored.

We’d gone too far off shore to turn around. Storm clouds were gathering. Did he lay me back down or had the wind pushed us over?

He was whispering to hold on to him. I’d be safe. Then the storm erupted. Currents of electricity ran through my body. I was dying and I didn’t care. Waves crashed over us, the wind howled. The raft would capsize. I couldn’t swim. I didn’t want to be saved.

The raft shuttered one last time. The storm was gone.

He rolled over pulling me tightly against his chest. Now I knew. I’d been born to/for Him.

12 thoughts on “Lost at Sea

  1. The question I would ask with pieces such as this one is: Does this achieve what you want it to?
    For me I understand women write about sex in different ways to men and often do so in subtle and soft ways.
    As the author, you need to be satisfied with what you have written, in saying that, who might your audience be?
    The majority of writers in blog land seem to be women so you may attract a lot of female readers, are they your audience?
    I like the way you end this as it suggests there is more to come.


      1. The fifty shades is an interesting one as when it came out there were a series of blogs written by female blog friends about how bad a book it was. I have not read it.
        I actually think claims of not liking sex are like a protective measure they take when in fact they do like sex but society suggests it is more acceptable to say they don’t. With the right partner sex is wonderful for both sexes.


      2. One of the virtues of blogging is to meet people from all walks of life. There was another blogger at one time from the south, a lovely lady and great writer, but like so many in blog land she either moved on or just stopped writing. I live in Australia.


      3. Well Jane Austen has been read a lot by all sorts of people even me, who never liked teaching her. I worked with people who loved her every word.


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