Need advice please

I’ve read some of your stories and I’m simply not on the same level.   Some days I’m better than others. I know I have a story. People I’ve known for years constantly say things like, “Tell that one _______ just one more time.

I believe being Southern has a lot to do with the need to “make it last.” So many extraordinary Southern Authors lay waste to theory that correlation doesn’t prove causation. 

Another comment I get a lot is  I  write movies. I’ve never seen a screen play. If something is sad I try to tell it in a way that makes people laugh. I have a recent example. I needed some information from a governmental agency. Almost a contradiction in terms. This took place over the phone. Finally I said, ” I want you to listen to me and do not interrupt until I’m finished. I want you to stare into that black hole you call a computer screen and read me what it says.” He replied, ” I can’t mam. I’m blind. I’m wearing headphones and the computer is telling me what I need to know.” I wanted to have a black hole suck me into it. Of course I apologized but that hasn’t helped me. Everyone I told laughed. 

Everyone believes their lives are special and they are; often in a quiet but lasting and a meaningful way. My life has been loud, chaotic, scary, unpredictable. Sometimes cruel and abusive. There are incidents I leave out to preserve credibility. However, this is what I know, I have a guardian Angel in need of a vacation. Guiding, unseen (most of the time) entity in charge. I still have choice but when I know I’ve made the wrong one, I don’t have to wait for the verdict. 

I’m getting old. Soon to be 66. There’s not a single living soul who knows the whole story. The obvious answer would be to pay someone. I can’t afford to do that. I’m asking you people of talent for advice and want to thank you, in advance, for reading this.

14 thoughts on “Need advice please

  1. Hi Harper,
    A few years back I took creative writing classes at a university and participated in writing workshops. This helped me with technical aspects such as tone, voice, description and style of fiction, nonfiction, and poetry. I enjoyed workshops because they helped me to get feedback from others. I didn’t always agree with the feedback, but it helped me to be more precise with my writing. A few books I used that I found to be invaluable are: “Description and Setting: Techniques and exercises for crafting a believable world of people, places, and events” by Ron Rozelle, and “The College Handbook of Creative Writing, Fourth Edition” by Robert DeMaria. Also, is a good website for writer’s resources. It has webinars, information about literary agents, writing prompts, etc.
    I have taught creative writing and the most important advice that I have given my students is to write each and everyday, follow your own voice, speak your own truth. Writing is a passion; it is also a skill that can be sharpened.
    I self-published my poetry book on Amazon and am so happy that I did. It is a creative expression. I am trying to find a literary agent for my memoir and my novel.
    Harper, just write, believe in your message.


    1. I just finished a poem about what happened in that bedroom after Barbara left. Larry was the love of my life. The poem makes me blush. There’s that fine line between passion and pornography. My hands are still sweating. Help me. If you can.


      1. Hi Harper, It is titled “Life At the End of the Rainbow” by Jenny Andrews. It is available on Thank you for considering buying it. Please let me know if you are able to find it. I am going to double check and make sure it is accessible. It is a poetry book. I self-published with Create Space. Create Space has been taken over by Amazon/Kindle.


      2. Got locked out of Amazon for 24 hours. They didn’t have my name right, wrong cc#, I forgot my passwords. Cluster F##k. They only have 1 of your books left. I was also going to buy a book on creative writing. Guess I’ll try tomorrow night.


      3. Hi Harper,
        Thanks for letting me know. My book is print on demand so there should always be an availability. I will contact Amazon to see why they say there is only one left. Thank you for purchasing it, though. It is the only book I have self-published, at this point. I do plan to self-publish a novel early next year. Have you considered self-publishing your writing? I really enjoyed reading your story “Lost at Sea” (I hope that is the correct title). I thought the writing was beautifully rendered, subtle in its descriptions, yet emotionally powerful in the word choice. It reminded me of a memoir.


      4. Please find out who nominated me. I’ve lost the list of questions. Don’t know the rules. I wouldn’t do this but the person who decided on me said it was a bad thing to break the chain. I have to nominate 10 people and send them questions.
        Writing the story of me and Larry is hard enough. I’m not sure I can do it. I’m not looking for attention from other bloggers. I’m not that good. I wanted to use this site to work on my courage. It was nice of her. I’ll do it but I need the questions and I don’t know who to ask. It would be disrespectful not to. Thank you. I promise not to drive you crazy.


  2. Hey. I’m up for chats. Wherever, however, whatever is good for you. Just reply. Or email or visit my own blog site. *shrugs*
    Do what best fits for you. Whatever feel right, whatever is easiest 🙂


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