Back to the Whole

I believe in something bigger than all of us;

A place humans have no language to describe. 

I don’t believe in death.  I believe we return to The Whole.  I believe my earthly body is the simple chemistry of stars – shooting stars back to the origin of all life.

I don’t believe in Time.  Time is a personal collection of memories. Memories that visit our dreams with Astral Messages. 

My dreams woke me this time in 1972. I didn’t get to stay long but I didn’t stay long the first time.   Traveling the earth is tricky. It’s easy to take a wrong turn.   The road sign was there – ethereal. I saw it in time to stop.

There are two kinds of knowing. One is the practical knowing to navigate earth. Fire burns if you get too close.  There’s the Knowing that comes from celestial Intelligence.  The light on that road sign in 1972 was a quick, bright flash pointing the way.

The “Way” that leads us back to The Whole. 

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